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Dear friends and fellow animal lovers, here it is ... a blog to discuss training.

My specialty is horse training and dressage, but I’ve applied to my horses many invaluable lessons from other animal trainers. Together we can create a greater awareness of the unlimited potential for greatness that your animals (and you) possess, once you acknowledge that many animal species are intelligent and capable of reasoning and communication.

So let’s get started ! Let's share insights, lesson plans, techniques, videos, pics, stories ... what have you.


Sian Min The
Cardinal Points Farm

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If you'd like to post your training stories, send your stories to me for consideration. Please specify how you'd like the attribution to read, i.e. your full name or your online name.

You're ready to own a horse when ...

... you have the time and ability to care for, train and ride it yourself, OR can pay a professional trainer to do this for you. Otherwise, the horse will end up as a (very expensive) lawn ornament; or worse, parked in a stall like a prisoner serving a sentence.


  1. Good way to put it: "...like a prisoner serving a sentence." Too many horses at boarding stables are locked up in solitary confinement for days, sometimes weeks on end. Thank you for this interesting blog, and thank you for pointing out what should be obvious but is not always!


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