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Dear friends and fellow animal lovers, here it is ... a blog to discuss training.

My specialty is horse training and dressage, but I’ve applied to my horses many invaluable lessons from other animal trainers. Together we can create a greater awareness of the unlimited potential for greatness that your animals (and you) possess, once you acknowledge that many animal species are intelligent and capable of reasoning and communication.

So let’s get started ! Let's share insights, lesson plans, techniques, videos, pics, stories ... what have you.


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There's something about

There's something about these dogs which is both admirable and crazy; they think they have superpowers. I experienced this recently on a journey with my husband and four of our Amstaffs when we took them to a river, one at a time, each carefully on leash and safe collars, each expressing their own individual personality. My three year old bitch, So White, achieved her superpower status on this trip by finding the rapids and riding them repeatedly until we pulled her out. She's a wee thing, under 35 lbs, but her hair was erect, she fought her way upstream, biting at the current, scrabbled over the smooth rock dam, and rode down the rapids. The look on her face was one of triumph, intense satisfaction, and total obsession.
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