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My specialty is horse training and dressage, but I’ve applied to my horses many invaluable lessons from other animal trainers. Together we can create a greater awareness of the unlimited potential for greatness that your animals (and you) possess, once you acknowledge that many animal species are intelligent and capable of reasoning and communication.

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Get your horse's attention ... with another fun game

... and in the process teach him to reinback.

These attention-getting exercises (or games, as my horse sees them) can be very brief and ad hoc. Here's a clip taken on a windy day. In it, I ask my big brown gelding to step back, pause, step forward, then place his chin in my cupped hand. All the while, a flapping yellow object on the fence barely merits a glance from him.

Some observant readers may note the lunge whip in my hands, but they'll also note I do not use it (it's there in case my other horse decides to crash in on the action).

When I speak, he listens. That's what will save me at a show, when tarps are flapping and plastic bags are flying in the wind ...

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  1. Great clip! He looks very happy to be "playing" with you. Just like you saud, keeping his attention and knowing that he does listen to you will make all the difference when the judge tries to jump out of the booth and attack him! :)


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